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ALA Annual Meeting and Potluck Dinner - Tuesday , October 10th  Potluck begins at 6pm - Meeting starts at 7pm - Come Join Us!

 ALA – Presidents Report for 2017-2018

Let’s think Big! Let’s think of our Future! Let’s work as a Community to expand our Horizons! We have made excellent growth this year in expanding our membership and increasing participation in our events. Let’s continue to talk about how to keep our momentum going and make decisions about the direction of the ALA and our goals for next year and beyond.

We need a larger base of volunteers to bring our current events to even greater levels. More experienced volunteers need to step into key roles as Chairpersons of individual events.

The Chairperson would organize and develop a group of volunteers to run the event. This will help to spread the workload out over a larger group, getting more people in the association and reducing the intensity on the ALA’s traditional group of volunteers.

 Looking Ahead-  ALA Goals for 2018 and beyond-

There are many ways in which the ALA can expand to meet the interests of our lake community.  There has been interest expressed for more social events geared towards families and kids, more education oriented events and more kids’ clubhouse activities. In addition, many of our year-round residents would be interested in more events and activities offered in the non-summer months. Let’s use the information we have, such as our recent survey results, in planning new activities and reach out to people in the community that would like to chair new events and activities. It is difficult to add new events without additional volunteers for those events. The ALA officers, directors and core volunteers are an incredibly valuable resource that is available to support and train new participants.

On a different note, I know we offer a lot of BYOB events. As a team, we need to look at the image we represent as the ALA. It bothers others in the community and I have gotten feedback that is all we offer is drinking events. Whether we believe this to be true or not, is not the point. We need to realize that we are the faces of the ALA, and we are first and foremost a community-oriented association. While I don't think it needs to be eliminated, I truly feel we could open our doors to more non drinking activities or at least be more discrete in the future, I hope you agree we would like to make things more family structured, but still have a good time as well.

Some Ideas for New or Future Events:

 Amston Lake’s Got Talent Night on Main Beach

Amston Lake Halloween Pumpkin Town Celebration

Winter Snow Man Contest or Sculpture with a winter skating party on the Main Beach.

Tree Lighting and Holiday Caroling- maybe continue from there for our ALA Christmas Potluck.

Expansion of advertising in our newsletter/calendar for 2018

Talk about a Gardening Clubs and possible Community Gardens??

2017-2018 Renovations and Construction –

Clubhouse Storage - Starting this fall!  A new addition of the back of our Clubhouse. We are pouring a cement pad approximately 10x 16 level with back doors, and building a storage unit that will house all the grilling gear, large pots, old chairs, etc. We need your help -dates and details to follow.

Kitchen Renovation - Cleaning and organizing, painting cabinets and putting in counters and new flooring. 

Clubhouse Cleaning – including (and especially!) the Storage Closets

Renovating the 2nd Bathroom in the Clubhouse - new sink and toilet installed.

New Clubhouse Flooring and furniture - Stain or Murphy oil soap all the walls, ceiling tiles replaced and vents all dusted and cleaned and repainted. Exterminate for mice!

Exterior Landscaping - Springtime, landscaping of the grounds and new plants and paint touch ups of the building with help from members of ALA. Power wash entrance roof. Seriously giving the exterior a whole new facelift. Look at grading our parking lot after the winter plowing.

The 5 Year Plan- Work together to make the ALA more organized, with more structured meetings and more involvement with officers, directors, and volunteers. Renew our efforts to achieve IRS tax exemption status, with help from a lawyer or community volunteer with experience in this area. I think we need to consider an increase in annual dues to make these goals happen. We have already put significant effort into revamping our membership drive and fundraising with dramatic results! We now have over 200 membership households. We need to be really looking at what the community wants with an eye to retaining and increasing not only membership but also active volunteers. After all the overwhelming thank you’s and genuine signs of appreciation for what we do, it’s time to bring this Amston Lake to a new level for the younger generation to carry on. 

With this said, I am would like to nominate myself for being President of the Amston Lake Association for another year, and help lead and direct others to getting these goals completed in our near future. Please help me take the lead, and let’s get this done for our awesome little lake community and our children, we owe it to them to have the best we can do and it cannot be done without your help.

Sincerely, and best wishes to all and thank you for making 2017 one of our banner years, I personally want to thank everyone that got involved this year, all the volunteers, new volunteers, and most of all to all the participants of the Associations Events and Activities and Fundraisers. It makes it a pleasure to see where we were, and to where we are today and to have a vision of where we want to go.



Welcome to the ALA Website


WELCOME to the 2017 SEASON!

The Amston Lake Association (ALA) is a vibrant volunteer organization which maintains the Clubhouse and organizes a variety of social events for the Amston Lake community throughout the year. We are a Social Club and are a separate organization from the Tax District.

Some of these events include:  Concerts on the Green,  Free Membership Spaghetti DInner,  4th of July Parade,  Kids Fishing Derby, Sunset Cruise Night, Lobster Dinner with Live Music, Lake Day Celebration, our Annual Meeting and Potluck Dinner,  Children's Halloween Party,  and a New Year's Gala.    

All this is done with the generous support of our membership through dues and the contribution of our member's time and talents.

We welcome your feedback on current and new social events and activities! We also would love to hear from you if there's a way you'd like to volunteer and be part of any of these events. Please remember membership dues are due by July 4th every year. For more information on our events please see the calendar page.

The clubhouse is maintained by the ALA members and we are always in need of help with maintenance and construction. Let us know how YOU can help out!  Email us at or post a comment here under the Guestbook link above. Also find us on facebook -- click here to go to the ALA facebook page.

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Look for our ALA meeting schedule on the Events Calendar. Typically meetings are monthly on the 2nd Tuesday at 630pm, but summer meeting times can vary. Can't make the meeting but want to be involved? Contact us directly at 


Yearly ALA Memberships Due each July, only $25.00


Clubhouse: 16 Wood Acres Road  

                                              Mailing address: PO Box 1054, Amston, CT 06231 

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, Oct 18 at 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Saturday, Oct 28 at 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Tuesday, Oct 31 at 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Saturday, Nov 11 at 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM